Classroom Library Accounting System

Protect Your Investment in Classroom Books!

C.L.A.S. was created for all levels of teachers. Teachers invest a great deal of their own money in their classroom library. They want their students to have easy access to many books while they are in the classroom. But along with the convenience of having a classroom library comes the problem of tracking the books. Who has a book? When did they take it? These are common frustrations. C.L.A.S. uses a single user database and a barcode scanner to track your books and student usage.


C.L.A.S. is simple to use. The screens are user friendly and intuitive. Teacher controls the number of loan days and number of books each student may check out. Once student names, loan settings, and books are entered into the database students use the software for check in and out. Teacher and students have different logins. Students only have access to the check in and out screen. Passwords may be changed as necessary. The maintenance screen makes starting the new school year a breeze with automated reset of student data and check out tables.


Students of all grade levels are crazy for C.L.A.S.! Individual library cards encourage responsibility. Students take ownership of their classroom library and look forward to checking out books. Individual checkout limits allow you to reward students with increased checkout limit when good library habits are displayed. Students quickly learn they can request a list of books by genre, reading level, or even a favorite author. In addition, the barcode scanner is fun for students. They want to use the system, which translates to more books being checked out and more reading!


C.L.A.S. has fields for book title, author, fiction/nonfiction, genre, reading level, and reading points. A notes section is included for individualized information on each book. Book labels printout in alphabetical order for easy organization in your classroom. If you already have your books stored in an electronic file, just export them into Excel and C.L.A.S. can import the books directly into the database from Excel. When a student is looking for a specific book by, author, genre, reading level, or reading points C.L.A.S. serves as a search engine for your books.